Our Story

TOK TOK is the sound we hear when we knock on wood. According to the old custom, knocking brings us luck and defends us from evil. It also awakens the good spirits living in the wood that will help us.

This is what we envision our furniture will bring to you: reliability, eco-friendliness and why not - luck. To enhance this effect, you can choose the piece of furniture you like and we will customize its dimensions to fit you best.

It all started when Matej met Andrej in his grandfather's semi abandoned woodworking shop and decided to manufacture furniture and other wooden products. Soon after Martin jumped aboard and TOK TOK was born.

The basics are pretty simple. The goal is to manufacture beautifully designed and functional furniture in collaboration with local businesses and craftsmen using Slovenian wood and other locally sourced materials.

People we work with

Davor Lonzarič - Graphic designer

Dean Grgurica - Photographer and cameraman

Nina Mršnik - Product designer and illustrator

Riiba - Creative center and coworking space