September 2015

Knee deep in Troblas

These days everything is covered with dust. It’s not an allegory or the aftermath of the apocalypse, it’s just sawdust. We’ve been sanding so much, our minds transcended into nirvana. And we are not done yet.

But let’s make a short résumé of the months post-Kickstarter. After the campaign ended, we had to wait quite a while to get the money from the campaign to our bank accounts. There were some bureaucratic obstacles that we needed to overcome, but nothing serious. As soon as we were ready to start production, we got a low hit from our contractor who was supposed to cut the wooden parts with his CNC cutter. He was unreliable, so we had to find another contractor and start the process all over again.

Now we are in a self-induced seclusion phase in our workshop, where we sand the wooden components, glue them together, sand them again and then oil them. While our hands are busy working, we find our minds free to think. And we discovered that Trobla is too complex to be produced in large quantities. This means that a redesign will be needed in the future if we want to keep with demand.

Here are some photos from the workshop: