Dell Inspiron 5458 Elegant Design With Qualified Specifications

Now you don’t have to bother looking for a laptop device. Already many electronic shops online and offline that provide a variety of laptop variants, just adjusted to the needs. The specifications offered range from use for light computing, office to jobs that require heavy multitasking such as video editing. However, if you are looking for a stylish laptop that is ready for graphic design and gaming, the Dell Inspiron 5458 can be the right choice. The price of the Dell Inspiron 5458 which is priced is not too expensive.

At a glance at its appearance, thisĀ top laptop under $700 has a different design than other modern laptops. Although the shape seems classic like a box and quite thick, but the specifications offered are quite ferocious. For those of you who need a laptop with graphic design capabilities, the Inpiron 5458 is reliable at any time. Curious about what advantages are there in the specifications and price of the Dell Inspiron 5458 offered! See the reviews directly.

Classic Design But Still Elegant

Dell Inspiron 5458 carries a 14-inch screen that is commonly found on most laptops. From its appearance, this Dell laptop offers a classic design that is clearly visible on its body shape. The shape of this laptop looks a box with a little arch at each corner. The material used to wrap the body from plastic material is quite solid when carried and is definitely sturdy. The outside of the laptop is silver which makes it look elegant, while the inside is dominated by black.

Although it looks classic and stiff, but the design is more ergonomic with a weight of 2 kg which is still comfortable to carry around. For the screen Dell Inspiron 5458 is equipped with a resolution of 1366 x 768 equipped with IPS panels. The panel is able to provide sharp and captivating colors with a wider viewing angle. The LCD screen is so glossy, so it’s more pleasing to look at. But unfortunately, the Dell Inspiron 5458 screen when used outdoors, the shadow will reflect and slightly interfere with the display screen.

Has Almost All Connectivity and Port Requirements

From a price package, Dell Inspiron 5458 which is priced no more than 6 million offers a fairly adequate port. For data transfer needs, there are 3 USB slots, including 2 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3.0 port. The unfortunate thing is that the Inspiron 5458 does not fully use USB 3.0 on all three USB ports. Then for other connectivity, Dell Inspiron 5458 is also equipped with an HDMI port that can connect a laptop to an external display. The Ethernet to connect a laptop to the internet network, DVD-RW, and a slot for the Card Reader.

On the other hand Dell Inspiron 5458 presents a chiclet style keyboard that is widely used in today’s laptops. However, on the keyboard button design there is a distance that is rather far apart, making users need time to adapt when typing. But the positive side can minimize errors when typing. For the touchpad itself is quite comfortable which has a size that is not too large.

Pretty Stubborn Specifications

For the problem of the kitchen spur, you could say Inpiron 5458 has a quality that is quite stubborn. Equipped with power processors from the fifth generation Intel Core i3-5005 that uses 14nm fabrication. The processor makes the laptop has a higher performance and efficiency compared to its predecessor generation. Intel Core i3 pinned on the Dell Inspiron 5458 can run at 2.0GHz. The superiority of this fifth generation processor has 2 cores with hyper threading feature that can run 4 threads at a time. This also makes energy consumption more efficient.

As for the graphics, Dell embed the Intel HD 5500 and Nvidia GeForce GT920M. Both of these graphics chipsets are automatically set by Nvidia’s features and certainly save battery life. From the price of the Dell Inspiron 5458 offered around 6 million it is very comparable to the specifications in it. Its graphics capabilities strongly support design needs such as running 3d and photoshop applications without lag with the help of DDR3 4GB RAM.

Have Large Storage Capacity

The ability of the performance and graphics presented by Dell Inspiron 5458 is quite capable to run design applications. For those of you who are accustomed to working on editing videos, photos and drawing, this laptop is very worthy to have. In addition to other multimedia activities such as playing games, Dell Inspiron 5458 is also reliable. You can play games like Dirt Showdon, Life is Strange, The Sims 3, Hawken, Alice: Normal Madness Return, Dirt 3, or Homeworld: Desert of Kharak.

For matters of fan cooling and the temperature is not too noisy, which also operates well. Unless it is used for gaming for quite a long time, the laptop will heat up faster because the fan will work extra. Besides that, the price of the Dell Inspiron 5458, which is rather expensive, provides a standard storage capacity in the form of a 500GB hard disk. Laptops intended for the upper middle class will give you comfort in carrying out heavy multitasking activities.

Save and Efficient Battery

As previously explained, the processor embedded in the Dell Inspiron 5458 can make its performance more efficient. Coupled with the graphics chipset capabilities in it that make laptops more efficient in electricity usage. Dell’s laptop output is equipped with a battery capacity of 6 cells with power consumption of only 15 watts when full load. Even when the laptop is idle, the power consumption is 7.5 watts smaller.

Not only that, the laptop battery can also be removed and replaced by another one easily. If the laptop battery is still not satisfied with the resistance, you can replace it with another backup battery. So what is presented by Dell Inspiron 5458 is very good for middle to upper class laptops.

The price of the Dell Inspiron 5458 offered is very reasonable considering its steady performance and low power consumption. You don’t need to hesitate to have this Dell Inspiron 5458 laptop.

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