Benefit From Best Laptop With The Cd Drive

Most laptops are definitely equipped with a cd drive, where cd drives are very useful for being able to display files that are good in the form of data, music, videos etc. stored on the cd. This time we will discuss some types of laptops that fall into the best laptop with cd drive at very affordable prices so that anyone who wants to be able to have a laptop equipped with a cd drive does not have to have a big budget.

Some Lists Of The Best Laptops With Cd Drives

Most laptops are of course already equipped with cd drives, it’s just that many laptops, even though they are equipped with cd drives, are still not recommended because they still have poor specifications to be used optimally. As for the list and review of the best laptop with cd drive that is bankrolled with reasonably priced prices, among them are as follows:

  1. ASUS A456UQ

ASUS A456UQ is one of the gaming laptops that has the powerful performance with the size of the 7th generation Intel Core i7, besides this type of laptop has a large RAM and has large storage as well. Another advantage of the ASUS A456UQ is that it uses ASUS sonicmaster technology that has reliable audio so it is suitable for gaming.

  1. Dell Inspiron 14-5459

Dell Inspiron is one of the laptops with high performance with 8 GB of RAM. Dell Inspiron is a laptop that comes from the United States laptop vendors which are equipped with highly reliable performance and equipped with the ability to perform computations that are quite reliable.

The Advantages Of The Best Laptop With The Cd Drive

Every work that is made is certain that each of these works has advantages and disadvantages that differ from one another. Viewed from a variety of points of view will certainly have different disadvantages and advantages, such as brands. Usually, an electronic device that has different brands will have different advantages and disadvantages. As for some of the advantages of the best laptop with cd drive that are different in terms of brands, including the following:

  1. HP Pavilion x360

The advantage of this type of laptop is that the hybrid design can be changed into 4 modes, namely notebook, tent, tablet and stand mode. In addition, this type of laptop has good performance. It has a light and thin shape so it is very flexible and can be carried anywhere. Another advantage is that it is very multitasking and can facilitate the game because of the support of RAM, processor, and graphics that are very adequate.

  1. Lenovo yoga 520 14

This type of Lenovo has a hybrid design screen that can be rotated 360 degrees with a slim and slim design so it is very effective and flexible to carry, just what we want. Besides that, another advantage is that the screen is full HD and supported with a fingerprint reader. Furthermore, Lenovo Yoga 520 14 also has a very affordable price and has a very impressive audio system with Harman speaker technology and also a very good Dolby Audi.

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Yes, that’s some of the information that we can convey related to some lists of the best laptop with cd drive based on their weaknesses and strengths based on differences in brand brands from laptops. Hopefully, this article can be useful for readers especially for those of you who want a laptop that is equipped with a cd drive at an affordable price but has specifications that are not inferior to other laptops which are fairly expensive. Good luck and good luck!