Wooden amplifier for iPhone and other smartphones with no electronic components and no batteries.


These cutting boards are the perfect way to make your brunch/cold cuts/tapas look even tastier.

Martin's desk

A desk designed to meet the challenges of modern day office work.


We were reluctant to throw away the scrap wood that we had accumulated in the backyard. After some thinking, we figured we could turn the scraps into wood sticks and use them to build a solid structure. This is how the stool came into being.

The Ogler

This tea table can easily be the centerpiece of your living room while offering the much needed space to store your favourite mags and books. The elastic will always keep the remote control at hand.


This mid-century style inspired closet made from ash wood will provide a safe haven for all of your precious objects.


Designed to put your tv-set and all those home-theater electonics into the spotlight.

The Little Ogler

Even in its smaller version and doubling as a night stand, the Ogler does not lose any strength and will unwaveringly bear the weight of all the books you'll throw its way.


This chest of drawers will always keep its contents safe while still sporting all the beauty wood can offer.

Pisalna miza

The delicate table board is supported on one side by slender legs, and on the other by a spacious book-shelf.
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